Sunday, October 17, 2010

SILVER RAIN book launch

To use a totally inappropritae metaphor, SILVER RAIN was launched yesterday on a tide of good wishes from friends, work colleagues, writing peers, readers, longstanding friends and new and walk-in vistors. Now we'll see how well the winds carry it from booksellers' hands to readers.

The lovely venue of the White Rock Arthur Murray Dance studio awaits
the audience.

Grant O'Kane was very generous in providing the venue, helping set up and take down, and being such a gracious and generous host.

Maggie of Vancouver Kidsbooks South Surrey store checks out the 'competition'

Every story begins with and belongs to one particular person. I need a picture in my head of who I am writing about.

The image of Elsie Miller that I carried with me as I wrote this book came from a photo I found in the book 'Children of the Depression'.

Note Elsie's hat - featured prominently in the story.

Elsie Ramberg, a friend of 30 years, came from Osoyoos.

So I was able to personally give her a copy of the book that is dedicated to her, and whose main character bears her name.

Reading an excerpt

Dancing as it should be - for pleasure, not for exploitation as it was during dance marathons of the Dirty Thirties - conveyed in SILVER RAIN.
Grant arranged for two demos by dancers who tangoed and cha cha'd around the gleaming studio.

Pam Rai's 'girls'.
Pam, her daughters and niece have come to all three of my launches.

The Term SILVER RAIN refers to coins thrown down by the audience at a dance marathon, in response to a pair of dancers taking a featured turn on the floor.
The day before the launch I was thrilled to receive a lumpy package in the mail - Leslie at Orca had made three dozen Silver Rain buttons - replicas of the 1931 dimes shown on the cover of the book. I'm wearing a 'head' and 'tail' dime button in the picture here. The rest were snapped up by launch participants, who also enjoyed other swag - including sets of jacks (Elsie plays 'five stones' with her friend Ruth Cohen in the book.)

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