Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Silver Rain Grab Bag

Suitcases feature in my novel SILVER RAIN. Who knows if Father took one when he left the family. But Elsie sees mother pack hers and is deeply suspicious of what goes inside it. And she and Scoop carry Mother's suitcase and Uncle Dannell's duffel home as the story ends.

So when I went looking for something to carry books and notebooks and bandannas and bookmarks and jacks, etc. in for school and library visits, I went looking for a suitcase.

Not sure of the era of the one I did find, but it met several criteria. It is leather covered. It has intact handles and clasps that work. And it doesn't smell.

So I brought it home and fixed it up with a facsimile luggage label with my name, etc., copies of the covers of my three kids' books - with SILVER RAIN taking up much of the lid - and a smattering of dimes.

I filled it with books, bookmarks, little cowboy notebooks (KNUCKLES), bandannas (KNUCKLES), jacks (SILVER RAIN). All I need now are a few rolls of gum drops, a calligraphy pad and some pens (MEETING MISS 405) and I'm all set for a visit to a summer day camp program tomorrow, and other school and library visits.

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