Monday, May 03, 2010

Silver Rain cover preview

Big excitement this week to get a preview of the cover of SILVER RAIN (Fall 2010, Orca Book Publishers.)
I'm thrilled with it. Esp. as it comes nowhere near the idea of what I thought it might look like, but does, to me convey both the period and something of the theme of the book.
Kudos to Teresa at Orca for the concept and the execution.
Prepping to pack

During the six years I was at boarding school, I packed and unpacked my trunk three times a year - at my grandmother's house in Cornwall, at my other grandmother's and uncle's in Sussex, or at 'home' in Iraq, where we spent many holidays with my parents.

Everything was marked with little cotton name tags, embroidered in red. My name was inked into the elastic strap of my brown felt school hat and etched into my hockey stick. My tuck box had my name inside written on a piece of sticking plaster... not a single unidentified object was allowed out of my trunk at school, and as soon as I'd unpacked wherever was 'home' for the particular holiday, everything was soon spread across the whole house to be gathered up at the end of the holiday, tried on, replaced at Roberts department store in Truro if necessary, then repacked.
Ever since, I've enjoyed traveling light. Ideally, with only enough baggage that will fit in the overhead cabin of the plane, thus allowing me quick exit into whichever city I've flown in to.

Tomorrow I'm traveling to Toronto to visit schools and libraries and participate in the Forest of Reading award festivities at Harbourfront. (Meeting Miss 405 is a nominee in the Silver Birch Express category).
And this time I'm taking books. Enough to give away during my presentations, or present to school libraries for whatever contest they might choose to run. One or two in case I want to give any away to people I meet en route. At least a couple to incidentally have on hand if anyone asks any kind of question that provides an opening, and a chance to show off my wares.
So I'll be checking my bag this time - and just hoping it comes within whatever baggage allowance prevails. I haven't yet figured out what to take clothes-wise. Will have to decide later tonight.

But this time, after I leave my the hotel where I'll be staying for five days, I'll have to make sure I take everything with me. As there will not be a single name tag on anything I might leave behind.
I will be blogging from TO. I'm as curious as anyone to know how this trip will shape up. My first promoting my books - in this case MEETING MISS 405 - our of province.

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TerryLynnJohnson said...

that's a great cover! Congrats! And Orca is an awesome publisher! I've followed your post on Verla Kay. I'm also a Canadian writer with debut coming in Jan. Dogsled Dreams.
I can't find your follow button, but I'll try to remember to come back.
Way to go with the cover! (love that you've got your book tour dates listed here too. Very organized!)