Monday, October 12, 2009

Ready to Write Prompt #2

1. Select one person you know well - a friend, colleague, child, mother...Don't take too long deciding who and what.

2. Now, for three minutes, without taking you hand from the page, write whatever comes to mind when you think of that feature.

3. When you've done that, imagine the hands of an imaginary man - someone you've never seen, met, or planned in your writing.

4. And now, going wherever the writing takes you, write for three minutes about his hands.

You can now either choose to set these writing practise pieces aside and head off to do your shopping, clean the toilet, pay your bills... resume your 'other life', or

5. Write for seven minutes about what might/could happen when these two people shake hands. Follow the idea wherever it takes you, and you might end up with the basis of a story or character sketch......

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