Wednesday, September 09, 2009

BC Unchained... liftoff minus one day

Just as soon as the clothes are packed and the fridge cleaned out and the bikes brought up from the underground parking and the balcony plants watered and moved out of the sun and I remember how to remotely leave a message on my work phone that I won't be back for two weeks and I've saved the files I need to take to my laptop and my to-do list has been checked once, then again and we've had good night's sleep... we're off.

On a long-overdue break.

Traveling around the province unchained - no chain hotels/motels/restaurants/grocery stores if we can help it - just shopping and sleeping and dining local as much as we can.

Can it be done?

Check back from time to time and you'll find out. I'll be blogging every day that we can get a wifi connection, and maybe posting a pic or two.

Right now I have to go and put out the garbage and find a tube of toothpaste... and a map.

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Julie H. Ferguson said...

Have a safe and wonderful journey...