Friday, September 11, 2009

BC Unchained - Day Two

Coffee Shops, bear cubs and capris

I guess farmer’s markets are the epitome of buying local. Although all I could find at the Lillooet one today was a very comfy pair of capris ($5!), the perfect traveling pants. I was in search of fresh carrots, but there was only one produce stall with bunches of basil and flowers - and no carrots.

Look interesting? But best avoided.

Not a Starbucks or Timmy’s in town (can that be possible? – what a relief…) the first coffee shop we visited is not to be recommended, despite its quaint appearance and promise of being an Internet café. The café was grubby and unkempt (had the floor been swept all summer?). But after a visit to the Ma Murray exhibit in the museum, we found The Garden Patch coffee shop, hiding right behind the Lillooet Museum. Nice coffee, fresh decaf, and the best sausage rolls I’ve eaten in years - and the place was humming, always a good sign.
We enjoyed our picnic lunch and an hour’s doze in the balmy breezes at Green Lake, in yet another change of topography after the vertical scenery around Lillooet and the barren cliffs – an environment that seem to feel most like home to me – overlooking the Fraser.

And how different is the Cariboo range land around Williams Lake, compared to that near 100-Mile house! I’m constantly awed by the variations in geographic landscapes you can travel through in just two days!

We found a room at the recently-renovated Lakeshore Motel at Williams Lake – flowers everywhere, a grassy place outside our room with a view of the lake. And this is definitely an independent. (We can’t be sure we can say the same of last night’s Mile Zero Motel… but it was the best we could come up with.)

Downtown William's Lake very quiet on a Friday evening, and not far from the local malls, few restaurants in sight. But someone on the street recommended Karen's on 2nd. Avenue where we had a gpod supper for two for under $30... and the side vegetable was stuffed zuccini - not a favourite of some diners, according to the staff conversation going on in the kitchen - but they get points for trying something different.

Today’s wildlife count – a young black bear clambering out of a stream somewhere on highway 97 near Pavilion and one deer in the Cariboo.

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