Saturday, September 12, 2009

BC Unchained - Day Three

Williams Lake - Barkerville - Wells - Quesnel

Coffee on the road at the only place we saw between WL & Quesnel, with only one other customer eating breakfast, leaving his idea of his 'hybrid' outside.

Loved the miles of farmland before the Quesnel turn off to Barkerville, then the long hour driving between trees, past Wells - after a quick stop at the Quesnel Farmer's market for carrots, crabapple jelly and antipasto, and to hear a song or two from the young fiddler performing between stalls of baking, wood carving, jewelry, and produce.

Didn't expect to love Barkerville (too touristy) but it's been so carefully preserved, and the place was not overrun. And you can get a real sense of history on these dusty streets, with long grass and weeds between some buildings. We found lots to photograph, and a place to eat a reasonable lunch on a table set with doilies and dry flowers.

Barkerville, BC

Wandered through colourful Wells in the blazing heat, then headed back to Quesnel, signed in at the Talisman Motel, and walked along the riverside path into town, past the restored bilding that once housed the Hudson Bay Company trading post.
Then back to our room for a picnic supper, and the novelty of surfing the 83 channel TV - finding nothing at all to watch.
(Doug said I was not to admit it, but I will. No decaf on offer at the Fort Alexandra cafe, so he grabbed one at Timmy's on the highway at Quesnel - our only lapse today.)

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