Thursday, September 10, 2009

BC Unchained - Day One

DAY ONE: Mountains, mushrooms and malls...

Mountains are everywhere in BC, and on every side as we traveled 650 km from White Rock to Lillooet.

We had a picnic lunch at Murrin Lake Park where we found a fungi straight out of a children's storybook, and watched a man flyfishing alone in the middle of the lake.

We then carried on along the much-improved Sea to Sky Highway - other than an unexpected 1km stretch between just north of Porteau Cove which is still a bumpy single lane that reminded me of a long-ago hair raising-drive along the old highway on a dark, rainy night with a screaming baby in the back of the car.

Highway 99 at Squamish longs to be the Langley Bypass it seems - now lined with Canadian Tire, Subway, Walmart - all the usual suspects... a far cry from the small town that I first saw in the 70s - where a square dance group were performing in an empty parking lot on what was then the main drag.

Bald-headed eagle or turkey vulture? You decide. This taken from the Tantalus Viewpoint.

In Pemberton, I took a pic of the art centre - to celebrate the fact that in Surrey today my dear friend Barb Gould is being recognized as the 2009 Cultural Treasure for all her work for the arts community. Wish I could have been there at the celebratory shin-dig, but she promises pics. So this one's for her,to show how the arts thrive in all parts of the province.

No sign in town of my '70s friend Dave, who in those days lived in a teepee in the middle of meadow just outside town, but we loved the ride along the newly-paved Old Duffy Lake Road, where, until it begins its rise to the sky, travles between meadows where horses graze between old barns.
So to bed in Lillooet at the end of Day One. In the Mile Zero motel - to which we returned after a Greek supper at Dina's restaurant and a walk through town, watching the glowing golden twilight set on the ragged hills across the river.

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