Sunday, August 16, 2009

Road Trip - BC Unchained

Just 26 sleeps until we set out on our road trip of BC.

We've dubbed it BC Unchained, as the goal - wherever possible - is to eschew all chain hotels, restaurants, and grocery stores, and shop local wherever and whenever possible.

We have no set itinerary, other than to leave home on Sept. 10, setting out in the direction of Pemberton. After that, we will take whichever fork in the road most appeals to us at the time.

Lots of friends and acquaintances throughout the province have invited us to drop by - and we will certainly give them a call if/when we fetch up in their neck of the woods. And if they're home, we'll drop by. But no promises.

The one thing I am collecting is a list of recommended motels, restaurants, etc. We'll carry the list with us, and if we're in the neighbourhood, check them out.

So comment here if you can recommend a funky motel, a world class deli, a great coffee shop (esp. if it's got Wireless Internet) and any other business that meets our criteria.

I'll be blogging as we go.


Julie H. Ferguson said...

Go to the cafe/bakery in Lund for the best cinnamon buns anywhere! Not earlier than 9:30am...

Karen said...

If you get all the way up to Dawson Creek, let me know. That's only 45 minutes away. I'd gladly buy you coffee. :-)