Friday, August 14, 2009

25 trees celebrate an anniversary and help the environment

Surrey Public Library's
Library Grove

Planting day, Oct. 2, 2008 (Photo: Michael Ho)

In 2008, planning its 25th anniversary year, and as one of the initiatives of its Green Committee, Surrey Public Library came up with the idea of creating Library Grove – a planting of 25 trees in a local park to recognize the value of trees in the library’s collections and of their value to the environment.

It was amazing how quickly the word spread; calls and emails came in from individuals and businesses wanting to sponsor one of the trees. Participants at the 2007 Surrey Writer’s Conference contributed to a tree, children using the library contributed their quarters to buy a leaf on the Children’s Tree...

Photo: Michael Ho

After some negotiation with the City of Surrey, the new Holland Park in North Surrey was selected for the site, and on October 2, 2008 the Library Grove was dedicated, with many of the tree sponsors taking up a shovel to plant their tree.

I left the library in early that year, but of all the projects I’d been involved with over my 30 years there, this is perhaps one I’m most proud to have been involved with.

On August 23 (noon – 3 p.m.) I’ll be thrilled to be reading in the Library Grove as part of the Arts Picnics in the Parks, a project developed by South Surrey writer Virginia Gillespie, who will also be reading along with local editor and writer Sylvia Taylor and poet Heidi Greco.

For the first time since I planted it, I will also have the chance to go back and see how 'my tree' is doing.

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hg said...

I'm looking forward to having you introduce me to your tree.