Friday, July 10, 2009

Summertime memories 2


More summertime memories of growing up in Kirkuk and Basra, Iraq

  1. Looking up from supper on the verandah to see a hoopoe in the bushes.
  2. The flurry of coloured rosettes on the wheels of passing bicycles.
  3. The glow of the brazier where the man poured roasted melon seeds and chick peas into paper cones.
  4. Oil flares belching out smoke and fire as we drove across the desert in the dark.
  5. The bitter lemon taste of sumac spice on lamp kebobs that Zayah cooked over a charcoal fire in the courtyard of our house.
  6. The day the locusts came.
  7. Going fishing with Dad in the mountains.
  8. Doing handstands against the classroom wall at school.
  9. A new bangle.
  10. 'Inheriting' my favourite teacher Miss Flintham's teddy bear Edward.
  11. Waiting on the hot tarmac with my fingers threaded through the mesh fence as we waited for my sister Judith to arrive from England.
  12. Steven being told off for talking Pidgin English, rather than Arabic, to the gardener.

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