Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Summer memories 6 - Perranporth Cornwall

Perranporth beach, Cornwall
1. Wet sand between my toes
2. The roar of surf in the distance
3. A blur of colour - buckets and spades and windmills and flip flops garlanded around a shop door.
4. My first watch on my 9th birthday from the small jeweler by the park.
5. Creeping around Dad who was watching cricket in the darkened living room - our first TV.
6. My sister and I standing in front of the mirror in our parents' room, peeling strips of sunburned skin from each other's backs - the dry rip of skin, falling to the carpet to lie in curled flakes at our feet.
7. Breaking two dinner plates as I helped my grandmother wash up after lunch of rabbit pie.
8. '99' cones - Cadbury Flakes stuck in bright yellow Cornish Cream ice cream
9. Dry sand drifting along the tiled hallway
10. Sitting on the ground outside before we came indoors, scraping tar from the soles of our feet with shells, kept in a bucket by the door for just that purpose
11. Breaking the crust off a Cornish pasty hot out of the oven behind my grandmother's back.
12. Hunting for yet another pair of my brother's lost glasses on the beach.
13.Creeping barefoot down the lane between the house and the beach before the adults were awake to stop us swimming before breakfast.
14. Postcards on a twirly rack outside the sweet shop.
15. Beach donkeys trotting across the sand
16. Fish and chips in newspaper with too much vinegar
17. Drinking a swig of Uncle Vic's Merrydown Cider
18. Seagulls being thrown about in the wind above our heads on a stormy day.
19. Sea spray stinging my legs as we walked along the water's edge at low tide
20. Water filling the dog's footprints

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