Sunday, July 12, 2009

Summer memories 5

  1. Locusts - always the locusts...
  2. Walking around the garden balancing a pan filled with stones on my head
  3. Watching women walk along the street with clothes, food, wood.. balanced on their head.
  4. Men with tweed jackets over the dishdashas feeding their worry beads through their fingers as they sat over chai in the street cafes
  5. Women in purdah, showing only their bejewelled fingers, sailing down the streets like ships in full sail.
  6. All the Iraqi men's sandals looked as if they'd borrowed them from others with larger feet.
  7. A nest of Pi dogs in an abandoned buidling.
  8. The wail of desert jackals at night .
  9. My first taste of halvah.
  10. Date boats drifting down the river.

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