Sunday, July 12, 2009

Summer memories 4

  1. Mothers on the verandah holding sweating glasses of iced coffee to their necks.

  2. Martin Sims and I hiding in the rhodos while the mothers chatted on the verandah - appalled and delighted when we heard one of them say the word 'bosom'

  3. James Menhinnick (he of the handlebar moustache) yelling 'Hold onto your hats' as he drove like a madman across the desert inhis open Jeep.

  4. Popping bubbles in the blacktop with a stick as it melted in the sun

  5. Picnic on the livingroom carpet - hard boiled eggs and gepatti, ginger biscuits and tabouleh salad

  6. A favourite swimsuit with pictures of coloured cigarettes all over it.

  7. The monkey in Karim (the school bus driver)'s mother's house.

  8. Clumps of dried milk powder stuck to the glass
  9. The dark bloom of the Bedu's tents in the far distance
  10. The sound of Fairuz singing from the suq cafe radios

The famed Lebanese singer Fairuz

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