Sunday, July 12, 2009

Summer Memories 3

  1. Toes gripping the rough edge of the diving board
  2. Coke floats
  3. Shopping for weekly candy allowance at the little shop known only as 'The Assyrian's'
  4. Zayah high in the mish mish (apricot) tree, shaking the fruit loose
  5. Watching the movie Pollyanna from an open air rooftop cinema in the middle of town, horns blaring all around
  6. The smell of plastic 'poppa' beads extracted from a box of Tide laundry soap
    'Free necklace included'.
  7. Breaking into the licorice factory through a hole in the wall
  8. Fairy lights strung through the trees for a British Club dance
  9. Running home from a friend's house in a sanstorm with a tea towel wrapped around my face.
  10. Water buffalo being herded past the house from the nearby Shatt al Arab River

    Shatt al Arab River.

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