Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Writers mentoring program launched - finally

After a couple of years of thinking about it, research, and tentative explorations, I'm finally ready to promote: Take Five - a writing mentorship program that starts Sept 2009 in the Surrey/Delta/Langley area of BC.

This pilot project will match five new/emerging (unpublished) writers with five experienced (published) ones who for five months will help them refine their craft, develop marketing skills, and connect with the writing community.

The writer/mentor pairs will meet collectively once a month for workshop sessions presented by the mentors. Between meetings, the individual mentor/writer pairs will work together in person/via email to help the writer develop a specific piece of writing, move it closer to publication and explore potential markets.

Individual writers will pay $100 for the five-month program - which will be used to pay for meeting space and other costs associated with the group meetings. Mentors will be asked to volunteer their time for this pilot project. Remuneration for mentors will be explored for subsequent sessions of Take Five.

At the first group session in September, the writers and mentors will draft a workplan, which will be used by each mentor/writer pair during the five months of the program.
Applications are now open to:
1. Published writers who would like to support a local writer in this way, and

2. Local writers who would like to be paired with a mentor to help develop and refine your writing and marketing skills.
Deadline June 15.

Mentor/writer pairings will be confirmed by August 15, in consultation with mentors to ensure pairings reflect the writers' interests and skill level. I am hoping that at least one writer in this first session will be a Grade 11 or 12 student.

If there is enough demand - and enough experienced writers willing to serve as mentors - this program will be offered again in March 2010.

I've posted all the info. and the application forms at my website at Now let's see what happens.

I'm pretty sure we won't have any problems coming up with five eager writers. Attracting four (count me in!) willing volunteer mentors might be the challenge. But I feel sure local authrors will come through.

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Julie H. Ferguson said...

I'm delighted to hear that this program is open to Gde 11/12 students. I know several and, if you agree, will let them know about the opportunity.
Terrific news!