Saturday, January 10, 2009

Talking 'Bout a Resolution

I've got the Beatles songs on the brain after watching 'Across the Universe' for the umpteenth time.

(Don't you just love that word 'umpteenth'? According to Merriam Webster, it means 'very many' or 'indefinitely numerous', first documented use 1918 - a fact that alone gives me the shivers...)
If you've seen the movie, which scene do you prefer? The chilling induction scenes with the puppet-like recrutiing officers moving like some kind of macabre chorus line. Or Eddie Izzard's 'Mr Kite' rendition, which I have been imitating at all hours of the day, much to the annoyance of my husband. Who liked it too. But not as much as me.
(And he had never heard the original!)

In a way the word 'umpteenth' is the perfect theme for this post.

On Jan. 1, I forbore all resolutions that alluded to losing weight, or denying myself chocolate (it won't ever happen!), or doing more yoga, or using the word 'should' less often in word or thought - although I would like to achieve all these in 2009 to one degree or another.

Instead, I wondered if I might in 2009 write the equivalent of 1,000 words a day. But did not declare this interest to anyone, in case it seemed preposterous, or arrogant, or downright foolhardy.

I do urge all my student to write lots, write often. 'Because the more you write the easier it gets and the more you write the better it gets.' An equation that I believe to be true.

(And as I write very quickly - shitty first draft quality only, but quantity regardless - I wondered if a goal of 360,000 words in 2009 would be attainable.

I'm coming out today, not quite having written my 'umpteenth' word. But having achieved 20,026 new words since Jan 1 = 2,225 per day av.

Jan 1: 3,000 of the Shetland Boy
Jan. 2: 1,300 Shetland Boy
Jan. 3: 2,304 of Escape From the Marshes
Jan 4: 3,500 Shetland Boy
Jan. 6: 1,900 Marshes
Jan 8: 1,300 Marshes
Jan. 9: 1,722 Sefiyah's Paper House (a new story that I will set aside now I've pinned the opening scenes to the page, and introduced three of the main characters.)

So that's it. Only 340,000 more to go before Decemnber 31. AM I OUT OF MY MIND?

(I'll be updating the tally each time I add a post here at my blog.)

Meanwhile, a happy and productive year to all.


Julie H. Ferguson said...

Yikes!! And I thought 50,000 in seven weeks was good. I bow to your energy and craziness!!!
Lots of luck...

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