Monday, December 01, 2008

Reviews from all over

All writers live for reviews - even if they try not to care.

Reviews come from all over - in professional journals written by teachers and librarians who understand what kids need and want in their reading. Such as Quill and Quire and School Library Journal.

In review journals (print and/or online) written by teachers, librarians, readers and writers written for teachers, librarians, readers and writers. Resource Links and CM (Canadian Materials)

Blogs written by teachers and parents (The Reading Zone) for other parents and teachers.

And ones written by kids for kids (The Spaghetti Book Club).
This is only a very small list of the dozens of review sources out there.
And those for the general literary community such as the Canadian Children's Book Centre's journal Children's Book News.

I have been thrilled over the past two days to be directed to two recent reviews of Meeting Miss 405 - one in CM and the second in The Reading Zone. (Thanks to my friends who passed on the word that the reviews were out there!) The first written by a librarian, and the second by a teacher and parent. (Thanks also to those who took the time to read the book, and formulate such careful responses to it.)

Both gave my book passing marks, for which I am very grateful. Especially if it helps the book find its way into hands of readers who might not otherwise know about it.

It's easy to get distracted by the search for reviews - easier now than it's ever been, now that you don't have to wait for the actual journal to find its way into your hands; most journals post reviews online - something I just discoverd today checkiing out the websites of some of the ones that I still hope will find my book worth a column inch or two.

But two reviews in two days is just what I needed to send me back to my desk to keep working on what I hope will be the next book to find its way into the world.


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