Thursday, December 25, 2008

My mother's cards

For a long time, every year at Christmas my mother made me a card, often lettered in my father's lovely hand.

Over the years I've received 22 of Mum's cards - but there was no new one this year. At 84 she is not sewing as much as she used to (she received her City and Guilds when I was a teenager and is a very accomplished fabric artist and canvas work designer).

I bring out the cards every year - still thinking that maybe one day I may find the ideal way of mounting/displaying them all together. But for now, I just arrange them on my bookshelves, some randomly, and some in a row, and they provide all the seasonal decorations I need - other than my small Christmas tree for which I have an eclectic collections of ornaments - a number of which were also made by my mother - and a few Santas who I started collecting a few years ago.

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