Wednesday, November 19, 2008

You've got mail!

I wonder if, with even two - five - eight books, authors still get a thrill from hearing from kids after school presentations.

I got such a kick when I got home today to find a thick wad of letters from students at Windermere Elementary, where I visited just a few weeks ago.

Some were illustrated. Some talked about Meeting Miss 405, while others mentioned the story that I retold from the one created by the kids in my storytelling workshop a week earlier.

And I'm a sucker for flattery. Who can resist when someone tells them, 'There's so many cool things about you"?

So thanks to Billy, Braden, Skylar, Katie, Liam,Marissa, Leah (who closed her letter with "Warm milk and cookies from Leah"), Emily, Kaleigh, Daniel, Barry, Raspmason, Langdon, Bythom, Simon, Bobby, Hailey, Lucas, Shannon, Emmett, Vita, and Tyler for their lovely letter.
(I hope I read everyone's name right.)
And to all those who asked, "Are you going to write another book?" my answer is, "You bet I am. And when it gets published, you will be the first to know!"

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Brenda Susan said...

I loved reading all the cute letters from your child-size readers! I'll be back to your site, it's very inspiring! Thanks.