Wednesday, November 05, 2008

On the Road - Days 3 & 4

Left: Dave's Book Bar, Invermere

Enjoyed the day wandering around Invermere. Coffee at Gerry's Gelato (I hear Gerry is a mayoral candidate in the upcoming municipal election), popped into Dave's Book Bar to let them know I was in town. What a wonderland hidden behind the rather utilitarian storefront. Books, of course, and interestingly and well arranged and displayed. Furniture, gifts, cards, stationary supplies, magazines, lottery tickets, cigarettes even. In a lovely mellow environment with a very living room feeling to it.

Got a warm welcome from manager/oner Mary Lou who told me about the store's history, that it had recently been renovated, and it is up for sale. So of course, I had to buy a lottery ticket. A bookstore in Invermere! I could live with that.

Under a light dusting of snow I poked around town, into the gallery, a craft shot, a department store, then... the local thrift store. And it's going out of business sale. I did not come away empty handed!
Lunch at the Blue Dog Cafe - GREAT soup, lovely salad, a good visit with my traveling companion and quick hello to a few of her friends who dropped by to welcome her back to town.

Then to Invermere Library where I met the librarians, gave them a copy of MM405 for their collections, talked about the ins and outs of the BC Onecard system, their new circ. system, the old cell in the back of the library that will lose its bunks soon, but will retain the bars.

Left" Librarian Liz in the library cel with a copy of MM405

This must be the only library in BC with its own cell - in Canada, perhaps.

ttendance at the book signing at Dave's Book Bar would have been disappointing were it not for the enthusiasm of those who did make it ("We're reading your book in school!" said Justin. Sweet words!), the kindness of staff, the attentiveness of those who were there.

Left: Justin: 'We're reading your book in school!"

I did a little shopping there, too. So glad to bring in some revenue to the store, and will certainly send anyone I know to be visiting the area to the store. It's one of the nicest I've been in.

Today will be busy. A visit to Windermere Elementary - 95 students in one go, I'm told. And my storytelling presentation 'Brought to you today by the letter W' was refined during a rather sleepless night. This afternoon I'm presenting two creative writing workshops to a class of Grade 11s and one of Grade 12s at David Thompson Secondary. And will offer them a writing challenge, with the prize for the best piece a gift certificate to - where else? - Dave's Book Bar.

I'll report back on how they take to the topic!

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