Tuesday, November 04, 2008

On the Road - Days 1 & 2

Pictures to be added later
Day One
Surrey to Revelstoke
Rained until Kamloops, but made such good time we decided to keep going as far as Revelstoke.
    Easy driving and just getting dark as we arrived in R. First hotel we tried takes dogs, so Eileen, my driver friend, Nugget and I checked in and soon headed out for supper at the nearby Denny's.  
   Words cannot describe the awful meal we ate there - or the extreme Uriah Heap obsequiousness of the server.  
    The following morning had a quick breakfast in Revelstoke (avoiding Denny's), and I would not like to lay all the blame there, but I swear the salad was loaded with sulphites so I spent the day enroute paying the price and looking at the passing scenery enroute to Invermere through a pounding headache.  But it was well worth struggling from the car from time to time - mountains at our elbow, snowy peaks in the distance, the gorgeous contrast of the ox-bow rivers of the Columbia valley winding through ochre coloured marshes.  
   Arrived in Invermere mid-afternoon, and after spending the proper and seemly time with our host Alison, I retired to 'the red room' and slept soundly, waking only to eat some squash soup, yoghurt and cracker, and then retired again for a good ten hours sleep.
Tomorrow: Book signing at Dave's Book Bar in Invermere at 3:30.

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