Monday, November 17, 2008

A lion and a cupcake

A highlight of my book launch day on November 1 was the morning storytelling workshop for kids.

12 enthusiastic youngsters drew, acted out being lions and cupcakes, brainstormed, and collectively came up with The Chronicles of Kendra, the Lion, and PLOP!

(It took a vote to come up with the title!)

It was thrilling to see the kids so engaged and enthusiastic, full of great ideas, but willing to consider everyone else's suggestions, too.

Everyone contributed in their own way, and two ambitious friends Amrit and Preeti kept track of the story as it developed, went home and transcribed their notes, then came up with a typed and illustrated story that is now posted on my website here.

Amrit's mom has been carrying it around in her car for the past few days, and earlier this evening we finally connected so that at last I could see what they had created.

Take a look, and celebrate the creative energies of Surrey kids.

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Tan said...

I really enjoyed the parts of Meeting Miss 405 that were read aloud at the workshop on the weekend. It's now on my shopping list!