Saturday, October 18, 2008

Surrey Conference Tip # 22 - Those Darn Doors!

Presenters are used to people slipping in and out of their workshops enroute to and from editor/agent appointments. If you know you're going to have to leave, take a seat near the back to minimize disruption.

And on the way in and out of those doors bear in mind that they have VERY audible latches. So if there's no conference monitor opening and closing it for you as you come and go, take a second to ease it closed slowly behind you.

Saves a lot of whiplash of workshop participants who just can't avoid checking out new arrivals.


Anonymous said...

I have a question for you:

I am volunteering at the conference AND this is my first time attending.

What would you suggest that I need (specifically) to make my day(s) go smoother?

Do I take my laptop (in the hope of being able to take notes at the workshops?) or am I better off using a notebook/pen?

What about snacks/liquids to keep me going? What is okay and what is verbotten?

How much do I carry with me? Would a purse be better than a small bag/backpack?

Lois Peterson said...

Re. laptop - you might find it easier to handle and keep track of a notepad rather than a laptop, esp. if you're volunteering and can't always control where and when you go during the day. I'd suggest not taking a laptop if it might become an albatross around your neck over the weekend. OTOH, more and more workshop participatns are using them to take notes...

I'm not sure what they lay on in the way of refrehsments for volunteers. I'd expect the volunteer coordinator will let you know if there's a hospitality room for volunteers. Otherwise, take lots of water, and whatever snacks you need to fortify yourself. There is a store in the hotel with very expensive candy and chips. And a coffee bar that in past years had muffins and fruit. Also a full service restaurant that is not too cheap.
Probably the only thing that might be verboten would be alcohol outside the bar.

Purse or backpack - whichever is easiest for you to handle if/when if gets full of schedule, handouts , books that you might buy during the weekend, etc.

Hope this helps. LP

AnneB said...

Lois, I arrived here after following your link from the VK blue boards. Congratulations on Meeting Miss 405 (great cover, I agree!) Your conference tips are great and I loved reading through some back postings as well.

Wisconsin (where I live) has a Cornish settlement in the southwestern part of the state. Pendarvis is now a State Historical Site. The "Badger State" nickname for Wisconsin references Cornish minere. Authentic pasties and saffron cake are generally available near Pendarvis, and a longtime Wisconsin firm, Reynold's Pasties, sells them both hot and par-baked from their store and frozen in local supermarkets. Pasties also are sold at roadside stands in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, where there used to be copper mines.

Good luck at the conference!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Lois for your pointers! I'll see you at the conference then!

Maude (originally anonymous

Lois Peterson said...

Hi, Anneb -
Have a Cornish Pasty for me, would you! Although I doubt they could be as good as my grannie's!
One day I plan to get to your neck of the woods to see how the Cornish culturs has survived in America!
Thanks for visitiing my blog.

Anonymous said...

You're right. It's very rude to walk in and out, and hopefully you get better doors in surrey! Good luck and thanks for sharing.