Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Surrey Conference Tip #12 - Dress code?

Tip #12 - Dress code?

New conference participants often look at the weekend's schedule of activities and worry or wonder about what kinds of attire is expected.
The fact is, you might see conference-goers (and I'm talking agents, editors, panelists, organizers, keynote speakers, newbies, vendors, wannabes, experienced writers and conference veterans) sporting anything from sweat shirts to sequins, Blundstone boots to bustiers, pinstripes to pinafores. And I for one would not be surprised to see one Conference veteran wearing a little red cape.

Some evening events might tempt you into your posh frock or dress suit - and you would not look out of place in either - but many writers heed one rule from morn' to midnight - anything goes, as long as they are comfortable.

There is a Masque event planned for Saturday night. Conference coordinator Karen Dyer emphasises that masks with a literary bent are optional. There may even be prizes. But no penalties, I would hope, for those who prefer 'to go as they are'.

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