Thursday, October 30, 2008


(Posted Sat. November 1 at 6 pm.)

I officially launched Meeting Miss 405 earlier today, with a full house of about 75 writing buddies, friends, family, and well-wishers.

During the launch I did get a little Academy Award-ish when it came to recognizing my daughter Holly and her husband who had come all the way from Nanaimo (the book is dedicated to her; as a child the first thing she read in any book was the dedication), my ex-colleague Namrit Uppal who did the lovely poster promoting the event, Stella who did the catering (really, that's her name - yeah for the Stellas of this world!), and Vancouver Kidsbooks (South Surrey store) who handled the booksales, and absentees Sophie Vecchiato (MM405's first kid reader) and my editor at Orca Book Publishers, Sarah Harvey (who is launching two new books hereself later this month.).

And of course I had to mention the wonderful people at
Surrey Public Library who co-sponsored the event by providing the venue, helping with promotion, and cheering me on every step of the way. What good friends!

What a thrill to see everyone almost beating down the doors at noon as about 12 boys and girls helped me clean up the chaos we'd created in the morning spent collaboratively coming up with a story called The Lion and the Cup Cake.

One industrious child voluntarily took on the job of scribe as we brainstormed and voted and roared and and incanted magic words - and everyone got a little lesson in elementary French as the story, as it turned out, was set in Gaie Paris! I plan to post the it on my website once its typed up.

About 70 books were sold (and signed!) at the noon launch, and when the goodies had been consumed, hugs exchanged and those who had to leave went their way, we rearranged the room again to accommodate the writing workshop for adults - 20 at that one, a really mixed crew of familiar faces, and new ones - wannabes and published writers, and a number of students from my previous classes.

Combining the launch with the two workshops really did the trick of bringing together a big group of people who all seemed enthusiastic and engaged.

"Three people bought six books each!" said Maggie B. of Vancouver Kidsbooks; she sold so many I had to dig into my own supply to make sure everyone who wanted one got a copy of Meeting Miss 405.

I'm dead beat but jubilant after a lively day. Now I must pack for my trip to the E. Kootenays.


Julie H. Ferguson said...

What a wonderful day. Many congratulations!!
I love it when you run out of books and still keep saying, "Next!"

Wish I could have been there - busy at VCC.

Tan said...

Congratulations! The event sounds like a huge success, and I can't wait to read the book...

Jacquie Pearce said...

Hi Lois. Looks like it was a great event!

ruth e stewart said...

Sorry I couldn't make it. Part of the family is moving to NZ and there was a "Bon Voyage' for them at that time.
Really wish I could have been there.
Guess what? I know a published author!
Want to buy the book. Where can I purchase one/two?

SF Girl said...

Awesome, Lois! That's a lot of books. And sounds like everyone had a great time learning, reading and writing. You look fabulous!