Thursday, October 02, 2008

It's a... dogwood

A little damp, I just returned from helping to plant the tree I funded in Surrey Public Library's 25th anniversary Library Grove.

It was an especially meaningful occasion as the project grew out of a conversation we had just over a year ago when I was part of the Library's Green Committee. And one of the last big projects I worked on before leaving my job as Development Officer with SPL.

Finding the necessary 25 donors was a breeze - people and organizations started signing up as soon as the word got out. After long months of negotiations with the City of Surrey, a site was selected in the redesigned Holland Park at Whalley and the city's arborists developed the planting list.

Which brought us to today. When donors, Library staff and board members, civic dignitaries were put to work shovelling dirt and spreading mulch to get the 25 trees settled.

I'd have liked to have my name on the Ginko. But in a random draw, 'my' tree turned out to be a Dogwood.

Long may it thrive in the heart of 'Downtown' Surrey.

Chief Librarian Beth Barlow (Left) and Councilor Judy Higginbotham unveil the plaque of donor names.

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