Monday, October 20, 2008

Conference Tip #23 - Check Your Bags in Here

Lisa Carson reminds us that it can be a risky thing to assume what your baggage allowance might be if you're flying in for the conference. Especially if you plan to return home with armfuls of books by all those wonderul presenters, in which case the extra bag suggested by some might just empty your wallet and max out your credit card when you reach the check in counter at YVR on your way home.

Check your baggage allowance with your airline before you leave the house. And if necessaary dump that second pair of shoes (like it's possible to spend three or four whole days with just one pair!), exchange all those bottles of hair products either for the little travel sizes or just the one you can't be seen out in public without, or do what I do when I travel sometimes - shop for good quality cheap thrift store clothes to bring with you, and dump them all before you go home so you have room in your sutcase for shopping!
I know when to admit defeat - four days to go, and I'm still at least seven tips short. I WILL keep trying, but can't guarantee that I will meet my own quota. Add your tip in the comments if you can help me out!

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