Monday, September 29, 2008

Surrey Conference tips #s 7&8

Tip # 7: Double up for twice the benefit
Conference Volunteer Coordinator Camille Netherton suggests that instead of heading to a workshop with a friend, purposefully go to different workshops, promise to take good notes and share handouts. This way you can get twice the good info!

And while we`re on the topic of multiplication...
Tip # 8: Take twice as many writing implements as you think you might need.
If you`re anything like me, you lend your pen to someone, then forget to ask for it back. Or stick it in your hair then lose track of it just when you need to make note of a particularly cogent piece of information. Or put it down when you`re juggling handouts, coffee, and other conference miscellanea, then walk away without it. If you take half a dozen pens with you, you`ll have one to keep, two to lose, one to lend, and a couple to give to others who have lost their last one!

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