Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Surrey Conference tips 9 & 10

Number Nine - Have manuscript, will travel
If you're staying at the hotel and are pitching a book, you might want to bring a copy of the manuscript to keep in your room. But few editors or agents, however interested they are in it, will want to take it away with them in their suitcase. They are more likely to give you their card, and tell you what they would like to see (complete proposal, query and samples, full ms.) and how (by snail mail or email).

You could be prepared with a one-pager of information - the title, a one-para. synopsis, your bio, and full contact info. - which you can give them as a reminder of who you are and what you will be sending them later.

Number Ten
comes from Ursula Maxwell Lewis who is the conference Treasurer and responsible for media relations. (and editor of the
Cloverdale Reporter & Traveling Times)

Be prepared to make friends. SiWC is one of the best places to make worthwhile writing connections, and good friends. At the very first SiWC held at Johnson Heights Secondary 16 years ago, a writer asked if she could join me for lunch. We've been great friends and writing companions ever since. Each year I hear people say how pleased they are to meet up again, share experiences, trade ideas, and give and take advice. Pearls of great price indeed in a rather solitary field of endeavor.

Please join in. It's going to be a challenge for me to come up with fifty tips, so yours would be very welcome. Just leave a comment here and I'll add a link to it at the surreywriters listserv where I am also posting these tips.

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