Saturday, September 27, 2008

Surrey Conference Tips #3 & 4

As tips from other people are coming in so thick and fast, I decided to post two today. If this keeps up, perhaps we'll hit the 50 mark by Oct. 24.

Tip #3

This one comes from Conference Bookseller Liaison Carmen Merrells. Sounds as if she's already planning her packing list, so this is for all those who like to plan their wardrobe in advance:
Dress in layers. The wonky institutional airconditioning and various numbers of bodies in the different workshop rooms means some rooms are warm and some are cold. Be prepared to peel it off or pad it on.

If you want to know whose who else is who on the Conference Board, check here.
(LP- a shawl can be handy to cover bare shoulders if you're gussied up for an evening event, for covering yr. legs in a drafty room, for wrapping around yourself if you need a breather outside...)

Tip #4

If you're an out-of-towner, bring an extra suitcase or bag for all those signed books, conference handouts and draw prizes you'll want to take home. You may start out thinking you will limit your spending over the weekend, but once you catch sight of all those books - with authors standing by ready to sign them - your budget may fly out of the window, and you may need a book truck to get your autographed copies home.

Please join in. It's going to be a challenge for me to come up with thirty tips, so yours would be very welcome, too. Just leave a comment here and I'll add a link to it at the surreywriters listserv where I am also posting these tips.

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