Friday, September 26, 2008

Surrey Conference tips #2 - Java anyone?

With thirty more sleeps to the 2008 Surrey International Writer's Conference, I thought I'd rack my brains and see if I can come up with a conference tip a day. These are also posted at the surreywriters listserv. Here's #2, so we're all caught up.

Things have changed at the conference recently. In past years there may have been a single coffee urn on the go for early birds, then you had to wait until lunch for another jolt.

(Don't blame the organizers. The cost of coffee for so many participants is considerable!)

Coffee is now available for much of the day during the conference, provided by the conference and at the hotel's own coffee booth. But limit your intake. If you're spending the entire weekend inside the hotel, dry air and too much caffeine both contribute to dehydration and fatigue. So drink water as much as possible to help keep your energy up, and your tissues hydrated.

Please join in. It's going to be a challenge for me to come up with thirty tips, so yours would be very welcome, too. Just leave a comment here and I'll add a link to it at the surreywriters listserv where I am also posting these tips.

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Anonymous said...

Another tip directed at those of us who rely on wall clocks - bring a watch, wear it. Don't miss your blue pencil, pitch session or the workshop of your dreams because you didn't know what time it was.