Friday, September 26, 2008

Surrey Conference tips #1

With thirty more sleeps to the 2008 Surrey International Writer's Conference, I thought I'd rack my brains and see if I can come up with a conference tip a day. These are also posted at the surreywriters listserv.

Please note that these tips are not endorsed by the conference, nor do they necessary represent its views.

#1. Re. pitching to an agent or editor

Avoid holding them captive while they are in the washroom/lunch line up, and/or if you're luckly enought to be driving them to or from the airport. If you do find yourelf sitting beside them on a coffee break or outside having a smoke, first ask if they would mind if you talked to them now about your project. If they say tell you, No, they need a short break, respect it.
When you do pitch, the trick, according to this post at
Editorial Anonymous is:
"Don't overthink this. Do your homework: (1) thinking hard about the correct age range and appeal to consumers of your manuscript; (2) researching the publisher and thinking about why your manuscript is right for them. And pleasant and not pushy. Offer us the manuscript, like a good hostess would offer a choice of beverages. Don't try to sell your manuscript, like a car salesman.

Also, check the conference website for information about free pitch advice sessions.

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