Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's.... a girl!

My copies of Meeting Miss 405 arrived today!
Like any proud parent, I took pics of the delivery...

The postman knocks twice - wrong address, so the baby was two days overdue.

Some surgery required, but no drugs were needed.

Birth announcement included (MM405 promoted on postcard along with Anita Dayer's Poachers in the Pongos and Fran Hurcomb's Going Places).

One last push...

Introducing Tansy Hill and her wrinkly babysitter Miss Stella

The proud mother and her latest offspring.

With special thanks to my editor Sarah Harvey, without whose keen eye, light hand and kind heart Meeting Miss 405 might not have entered this world.

Sarah has two new books of her own just out, too. The Lit Report and The West is Calling add to her already published Puppies on Board and Bull's Eye. Read all about them, and other of Orca's latest offerings here.


Anonymous said...


She really is a beautiful baby!

Enjoy your last few days together before she flies the nest.


Hélène Boudreau said...

A bouncing baby book!!!

Oh, I love that new book smell.

Congratulations :-)

Julie H. Ferguson said...

OH! Do I get this, or what?

No doubt, you'll take it to bed tonight...!!

Martha said...

So excited for the proud mama! And what lovely birth photos! No cone-shaped heads in sight!

It's been a long gestation and delivery, but the wait was worth it, as with all new babies. And just think...sleeping through the night will be MUCH easier with this new family member!

Loretta said...

Congratulations on the birth of your new book! How neat! BTW, the link to Sara's site doesn't work...

Lois Peterson said...

Thanks, Loretta. The Orca link is now fixed. LP