Sunday, September 28, 2008

Conference tips #5 & 6 - Hit pause

Today, two on related topics

#5 comes from Ron Wodaski:
What do you do when you find yourself tongue tied or, worse, gushing when you meet someone famous? Relax and enjoy it. It happens to me every year and I swear before I go, every time, I'm going to keep a level head. I never do. After a while it wears off, and you will find yourself having a nice conversation with that person. Just relax into it. Breathe.

#6 This tip comes from Julie Ferguson of Beacon Literary Services: Editor/agent appointments: Nerves often cause writers to gabble, so treat the meeting as a conversation not a monologue. Stop talking frequently so the editor or agent can get a word in.

Please join in. It's going to be a challenge for me to come up with thirty tips, so yours would be very welcome, too. Just leave a comment here and I'll add a link to it at the surreywriters listserv where I am also posting these tips.

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