Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Neither writing or blogging, nor much of anything else, is compatible with moving. This one was has been long and hard, and especially dispiriting one - even though we've only moved about 12 km!

I really believed I was not much of material girl. But have I got stuff!

Even after purging books, clothes, ornaments, unwanted furniture etc. the number of boxes - and unboxables - we had to move from there to here was almost obscene.

A big part of me wishes I could manage with two changes of clothes, one set of eating utensils and just a few good books. Oh - and a notebook or two, a few mechanical pencils (with enough leads to last a while), a couple of good pieces of jewelery, my favourite jammies, the quilts my mother made, all my daughter's old school projects (esp, the illustrated twelve pager, on the topic of 'Love' - complete with pictures of hearts and roses.) My bike, of course. Also the v. expensive lamp I bought with a bequest from a favourite aunt, a couple of shawls, the red teddy my granny made me when I was 17 and headed out on my own to live in Gaie Paris... see what a slippery slope this owning stuff leads to?

Well... It's over. 90% of what we own - and are keeping - is in its place, and the rest is in two lockers (may blessings fall on our new apartment manager who found us a second free locker for the boxes of books we publish!) And we are now settled in South Surrey, 15 minutes from the beach - going downhill (closer to 40 coming back up!). But we've now done it for the past two mornings running, and hope to be a lot thinner, and fitter by the end of September.

The apartment is not perfect. But even if it was far from it, I'll be happy if the next time I move, I'm leaving in either a pine box or a pretty little urn.

I hope YOUR summer has been more fun than mine.