Monday, June 09, 2008

How-to Writing Books: This one tops the lot

ELizabeth Lyon's new book Manuscript Makeover: Revision techniques no fiction writer can afford to ignore is probably one of the MOST useful AND readable how-to writing books in my seven-shelf writing book collection.

I've read many writing books in my time, and recommended quite a few to my students. This one tops them all.

Not only is it an invaluable resource for anyone who understands that all good writing is in the revision, but it's an immensely readable book in itself.

Elizabeth Lyon offers a wide variety of examples. She sets out practical strategies in a functional format for anyone who might want to read the book through to the end from page one, or to pick it up to help with specific elements of craft.

And it's written in an inclusive, encouraging style that makes the idea of publication not only possible, but likely for anyone who takes its advice to heart.

This is a purely subjective review of this book, despite the fact that EL is a very dear friend, and a wonderful instructor. If you ever have the chance to catch her presentations at the Surrey International Writers' Conference or elsewhere, you'll find them informative and lively, offering useful tips and practical tools to take home and use to help refine your craft.

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Aymiee said...

I am glad I came upon your web site. I've trying to write for years. I think I have great ideas and I jot them down here and there, but my biggest hurdle is "conversation". Every time I sit down and start writing a story, I stumble on how to make my characters talk to one another in a natural un-contrived way. Is this common or a sign that I should re-consider writing?