Saturday, May 31, 2008

Now on Amazon

Browsing today, I find my book is now listed. You can pre-order it here and have a copy in your hands at the same time as it shows up in bookstores.

Every step of this journey is as exciting as the last!

While I sweat out the months until I see the living, breathing thing, I'm putting the final touches on two more projects - Elsie and the Silver Rain, a mid-grade historical novel set in the Depression, and Sink or Swin, a 'companion' book to MM45 - hoping to put them into my editor's hands in the next week or so.
Meanwhile the ideas keep flooding in. At last count it seems I have nine other stories at one stage or another, some only pinned to the page by just a few notes until I can find the time to sit down and really put in time on them.
  • Blink - a contemporary Hi-Low novel for YAs
  • Enough to Go Around - a third book for young readers featuring Tansy Hill from MM405.
  • Escape to the Summer House - Historical mid-grade novel
  • Hot Dogs Everywhere - a picture book story
  • The Incomer - the story of a Shetland Boy - historical novel for mid-grade readers
  • Pin Boy - a Hi-Low novel for YAs (historical - as in set in the 50s!)
  • Something to Worry About - picture book story
  • Up Here! - novel for young readers
  • When Papa Works the Night Shift - a picture book story

The question is, how much can I get done in two days and four evenings a week of writing? And what to do with all those other ideas that show up, unbidden, vying for attention?

I always warn my students that the more they write the more ideas they will come up with. Is the solution to stop writing?

Now, that's one to think about.

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