Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Leaving on a jetplane

I'm off tomorrow for a few weeks visiting family, friends and old haunts in the UK. Hampshire, Yorkshire, Cornwall, Sussex... we have quite a bit of ground to cover.

But first we have the usual three-hour wait at the airport, which we'll spend sitting on the steps above the Spirit of Haida Gwai, mentally putting all that we're leaving behind behind us, and looking only forward.

Then nine hours in a long metal tube with recycled air and food that's more a metaphor than anything very nutritional (I was once served a microwaved omlette for breakfast, one that had been made seven hours and several thousand miles before - Cordon Bleu cooks may well shudder!).

O! What adventures may await us in Heathrow's new Terminal Five!

Then a National Express bus to Winchester bus stop (close to King Alfred's statue), a hop, skip and a jump around the corner - dragging suitcases behind us - and onto the Harestock bus which should deliver us to my parents front door just in time for tea!

And wo said travel was exciting.

But that's just the beginning.

I'm most looking forward to Cornwall, and my goal of one authentic Cornish Pasty a day (not one of the Pasty Company Company's - now so prolific throughout the UK and much loved by pin-striped gents who throw one in their suitcase at Waterloo Station and eat it for lunch over their spreadsheets in the City. Their often contain stuff like Gorgonzola cheese, basil and smoked chicken, curried prawns... all the ladies of Cornwall whose names begin with Tre, Pol or Pen must be quaking under their nice granite headstones.

I plan to sample one a day from the oldest bakery in each Cornish town I visit. And perhaps even also pick up simnel cakes, saffron bread and hog's pudding at the same time.

But if there's still a Stargazy Pie to be found in the Duchy, I'll gladly pass that one by.


Margaret Read said...

Hi there!

Small world. I'm researching a book on my great uncle, Ernest Tipson. In the process I have discovered his son, also Ernest Tipson, living in Wadebridge Cornwall, with a daughter called Barbara. Ernest Junior lives in a care home at the age of 90! No pigs on the scene. I'm seeing him at the end of May, so I'll mention the pigs.

Lois Peterson said...

Small world.
Give me a shout at lpwordsolutions@hotmail.comand I can fill you in a little about what I know of the family in recent years, which may affect your visit with Ernest. I was always fond of his wife Marjory, too.