Friday, February 15, 2008

Close, and a small cigar!

Good news last night as I was headed off to bed - that my story 'Grace Enough' had placed second in the North Shore Writers Association contest.

This is a story with a history - it's been doing the rounds of small lit journals for about fifteen years, coming close from time to time, but no cigar. It was written about my daughter's Italian grandmother Marietta Dominelli--on whom the central character is based--and her slow decline into dementia, and records a typical meal at Nonna's house.

But 'Grace' has never found a home in print. Although you can now read it here.

But placing in this contest feels good, and the small $$ prize will take me and my husband out to a belated Valentine's supper tonight.

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Julie H. Ferguson said...

Enjoy your dinner together.