Thursday, February 21, 2008

Tick tock - the clock's winding down

I'm gradually working my way through my to-do list at the library as I move into my last week at the organization I've worked with for the past 31 years.

Last night I was presented with the ceremonial engraved clock (and a nice cheque) from the union. And next Friday night my colleagues are treating me to a retirement party with a green theme - which I guess means I have to get gussied up in my best thrift store clothes for the occasion!
On Tuesday the Library held its welcoming reception for playwright Mansel Robinson (seen at left with LP), Surrey Public Library's the first Writer-in-Residence. He gave a spirited reading from one of his plays, talked about plans for upcoming readings and events for Freedom to Read Week and National Theatre Day, and explained how local writers can meet with him for a consultations about their work. (All the info is here at the Library's website)

Then we all adjourned for munchies and coversation.

It was a nice evening with a good turnout. And I'm sure as the word gets out, Mansel will be flooded with writers wanting to bend his ear and get his input on their work.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Close, and a small cigar!

Good news last night as I was headed off to bed - that my story 'Grace Enough' had placed second in the North Shore Writers Association contest.

This is a story with a history - it's been doing the rounds of small lit journals for about fifteen years, coming close from time to time, but no cigar. It was written about my daughter's Italian grandmother Marietta Dominelli--on whom the central character is based--and her slow decline into dementia, and records a typical meal at Nonna's house.

But 'Grace' has never found a home in print. Although you can now read it here.

But placing in this contest feels good, and the small $$ prize will take me and my husband out to a belated Valentine's supper tonight.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

No time to think... or write

... and barely any energy to read.

But I have got through the following in the past couple of weeks (heading to bed at 9 p.m. Baby Bedtime helps).

Wednesday Wars by Gary Schmidt
A good, fast read. Great attitude. Not wholly compelling storyline but
well written enough to keep my attention.

What Was Lost by Catherine O'Flynn
What can I say but 'Brilliant' in craft, theme, story.

What Einstein Told His Cook: Kitchen science explained
Great bedtime reading, just one topic at a time. Answers to all the quesitons I may ever have had about kitchen alchemy.

The Road
A gruelling read, but well-worth it. Stunning premise, seeped with poignancy.

Just one more week winding up the old job, getting settled in the new one - total exhaustion. But light is visible at the end of the tunnel. MY last day at the library - and retirement party - is Feb. 29, then I'll be a part-time person for real, with at least two days a week to write.

What a blessing!