Thursday, November 01, 2007

Speechless - for once

Just heard this morning that Orca Book Publishers will publish my first children's novel - currently entited Tansy Here and Now - in Fall 2008/Spring 2009.

There's an English term 'gobsmacked' that seems to work here. I'm thrilled and excited and full of anticipation.

I've long admired Orca, both the books they publish and the people who work there. The first 'encounter' I ever had with a 'real live' editor was years ago at a Surrey Writer's Conference - before it went 'International' - when I met then-Orca-editor Ann Featherstone (she now works elsewhere) who not only gave a dynmaite workshop but also gave me great feedback on a YA novel I was pitching at the time.

That book is still in the drawer, but I'm so thrilled that Orca will be the midwife for my first venture into the world of publishing books for children - a place I hope to inhabit for many years to come.
And of course, who does not love Orcas!


Anita Daher said...

Yay!!! Congratulations, Lois!

Lois Peterson said...

Thanks, Anita. I know I'll be in good company at Orca!

Julie H. Ferguson said...

I too am 'gobsmacked.' One of those perfect English words that needs no explanation.

Lois, you're off! I have not one whit of doubt that you will have a long and enjoyable publishing life.

Bravo zulu!!


Merc said...

Congratulations, Lois!

Mahtab said...


Just stumbled on to this. Congratulations!!!!


Vignette Magazine said...

Congratulations, Lois!

Bards' Ink Writers' Group is soooo proud. I think Lois wrote and sent Tansy off while we were all on vacation, but I had the privilege to read it on the side. I'm not gobsmacked at all -- delighted, but not surprised. It's brilliant.


Rose said...

Yay, Lois!!