Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Writers Read

I go through phases of hardly having time nor energy to read a word of anyone else's work - besides students' or writing buddies'. Then I pick up one book off the shelf at work, then another... and it's early to bed if there's nothing good on CBC's Ideas, and I have the light on until midnight.
Here are a few I've worked my way through over the summer:
  • King of Lies by John Hart - from the discard shelf at work. His first novel, showed up on a number of bestseller lists. A great read, and defying the description on the cover - 'Grisham-like' - with whom I have always been seriously underwhelmed. JH has a new one coming out soon. I'm on the waiting list at work.
  • Earth and Heaven by Sue Gee. About an artist and his family between the wars. Another discard; I've read it at least twice since I found it. And no. You may not borrow it. My eiditon with its glorious cover is probably out of print.
  • Breakdown Lane by Jacquelyn Mitchard - found this v. compelling.
  • ??Elysian Fields by James Lee Burke. I think his very best, even if I can't remember the title - it's gone back to the library.
  • The Year of Fog by Michelle Richmond. Enjoyed this. A mystery story of sorts, and a rumination on memory. Which I find facinating, anyway. She has written a few and I'd definitely track down more.
  • Looking Down by Frances Fyfield - I thought I liked her books, but couldn't get past the first couple of chapters. Me or the book? Was I mistaking her for...
  • Denise Mina. If you haven't read her, do.
  • Home Cheese Making - well, I thought I might try, after reading...
  • Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver. A good companion to The 100-Mile diet if you're into eating close to home.
  • Joy School by ELizabeth Berg.
  • Lots of kids books, but I no longer have them in my hand, but loved Sahara, Boy O'Boy by Brain Doyle, The Skellig, and Al Capone ...shirts... see, I have a filthy memory.
  • Pay Attention, For Goodness Sake by Sylvia Boorstein - my bedtime reading, every night, for a very long time. Helps me get through the days in one piece..

(Sorry. No links to Amazon. Find them yourself at your local independent bookstore if you can pay full price - or at the local library.)

What have you read this summer?


Helene B said...

Loved! Al Capone does my Shirts. Read Boy oh Boy and Skellig too. Great books.

Lois Peterson said...
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Lois Peterson said...

Thanks for dropping by, Helene.

Let me know if you have any suggestions. Things have been so crazy lately I've had little time for cruising the library shelves.