Friday, September 21, 2007

Start of a new year

January 1 may be the official start of the year, but to many of us it seems as if September is the real beginning. Back to school / putting away the sandals and airing out the sweaters / a flurry of activity that we forgot about over the summer.

Suddenly it's almost October.

I love barelegged summers, long days, mild nights, and lots of light. As soon as the first fall rainclouds gather overhead I feel a mood shift take place in my body and my psyche. And unless I work hard to keep the energy flowing, this change can swamp me, and I'm wading through the doldrums.

I know it's the same for a lot of people. But as fall brings with it the beginning of fresh assignments, a new school term, ballet and judo for the kids, a garden to be put to bed - even for some crazy types the first preparations for Christmas - hopefully we all have enough to get us out of bed in the morning and hold off the fall blues as long as possible.

I'm knocking over deadlines like dominoes. One presentation to a Vancouver literary group - the Shebeen Club, a reading at the local Arts' Council anniversary gala, contest finalist submissions to read, a new workshop to outline, the monthly arts council newsletter contributions to edit and submit, and preparations for the 15th. annual Surrey International Writers' Conference to prepare. That should be enough to keep my mind off the brooding sky.

But today I went in search of new tights for the season (gave up nylons and 'business dress' when I turned 40, and haven't regretted it yet), and as long as I can keep busy - and warm around the legs and neck - I can take on whatever this fall sends my way.

I hope you can, too.


Helene B said...

I'm with you. September newness always feels so promising. January newness always seems to set up unrealistic expectations. Plus there's all that snow to get through--ugh!

Yay! for sweater weather. (and tights of course)

Wenda said...

Hi Lois, Just dropped by for a peek at what you're up to and don't want to leave without making a little connection. I'm a bit envious of your upcoming trips and love your airport photo.

Lois Peterson said...

Thanks for dropping by.

How's your writing going?