Saturday, July 28, 2007

It's so nice to be asked

Never a very social being as a teen, I didn't much like going to dances. But once in a while I'd drag myself there with friends. Then hang out hugging the wall the entire evening.

And occasionally I might get asked to dance.

That's what it felt like when I got an email from Orca yesterday requesting the full ms. of my children's novel Miss Stella's Mindful Moments as as result of the query and sample chapters I'd sent them just the week before.

I got myself there, and now someone's asked me to step onto the dance floor. They might end up walking another girl home instead of me, but meanwhile I plan to enjoy the moment while my friends look on encouragingly.

Just getting this far has generated lots of support and kudos from the writers and readers who read the ms. and gave me really invaluable feedback on it.

So this dance is for them.

Also this week, I was asked by the
Arts Council of Surrey to read at their 40th. Anniversary event in Sept. A year or so ago my short story Skim Milk won in the fiction category of the Surrey Stories contest, which went along with a photo exhibit at the Surrey Art Gallery.

While I was thrilled to accept the invite, I did ask that they review the story to ensure it is the tone they want at this gala event. It is, as one of my writing peers says, 'one of Lois's bleak little stories.' Luckily, I have a couple of cheerier pieces I can pull out it they'd prefer.

Two invitations in one week! I've rarely seen my dance card so full.

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