Friday, June 29, 2007

Volunteers needed at the best writers' conference in N America!

The 2007 Surrey International Writers' Conference is coming together nicely. The full program should be on-line soon, and registration will open at noon on July 23. The conference dates are October 19-21, with Master Classes on the 18th.

Conference Planning Committee Chair Carmen Merrells has put out the following call for conference volunteers.

The SiWC cannot operate without its loyal volunteers! We need people to help out in various capacities during the conference, as well as pre-conference and post-conference presenter transportation. Some of the benefits of volunteering include:
(1) Free lunch! (on the days you volunteer)
(2) Opportunities to meet and work with other writers and the presenters -- great camaraderie!
(3) If you're doing presenter transportation, opportunity to pitch your work during the ride, reimbursement for gas ($10 round trip) and parking (receipted)
(4) Free workshops for volunteers doing workshop monitoring and introductions
(5) A thank you gift

For more detailed information or to sign up, please contact the SiWC's Volunteer Coordinator, Camille Netherton, at

I can only add that this is a great way to spend a weekend. This is probably the least hierarchical conference you'll run across. You'll meet the big names and the up-and- comers alike in meal line-ups, in the washroom, at lunches and coffee break, as well as learning useful craft tools, getting inspriation and motivaito for whateve ryou're working on, building your network. And you'll have a lot of fun in the process.

And whether you're there as a volunteer or fully paid up particiapant, drop by the Metta Publications trade table where I'll be selling/signing my book 101 - and more - Writing Exercises to Get You Stared & Keep You Going or drop into my workshop 'Having Your Say - Writing Personal Essays and Opinion Pieces'.

And check out the Conference website regularly, as more info. is being added all the time.

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