Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Time is running out

July 1 is the deadline for the BC Federation of Writers Literary Writes Contest. Complete info. here.

An earlier deadline of June 30 applies to The Writer magazine's fiction contest.

Speaking of The Writer, my article May I Put You On Hold - dealing with interruptions appears in the Aug issue. I have my copies, so I expect it will be on the newstands any minute. Check it out if you are interested to know how long it takes to 'recover' from a phone or email interruption while you're working.


Anita Daher said...

Terrific! I'm looking forward to reading it--I can so relate! I don't have a door for my office, and my office is really my dining room when it is not being used for a meal. My husband works shift-work, and when he's not working or sleeping it's like he's so happy to be awake and free during daylight hours that he feels a need to chit-chat, and loves it that's I'm sat right in the middle of it all, ready to stop typing with every word he utters to stare at him with a bemused, slightly distracted look, which covers the underlying annoyance at being yanked from whatever world I've been immersed in. God love 'im :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for dropping by, A,

I'm amazed you can manage to be so productive in such conditions.

In our last house, I had a study to myself - albeit with its doorway (no door) right off the kitchen.

Now I share a study with my husband, but when I'm home it's mine. And he uses it when I'm at work.