Saturday, June 16, 2007

Sometimes all that words are good for, is for a good laugh

So, I'm looking for something to read on my coffee break. Something to see me through 15 minutes, a couple of glasses of water, and a chocolate digestive biscuit.

I cruise the magazine shelves at work (I work in a library). I gave up People and Hello in Jan 2006, no longer drool over Bon Appetit, couldn't find the recent issue of Yoga Magazine which I mostly read for Sally Kempton's wonderful articles, and I don't need the latest issue of the New Yorker as it's waiting for me at home.

Riffling through Vanity Fair I come across a wonderful photo of a Tuareg man ( I was brought up in Iraq, can still count to about twenty and say Good Morning and Good Evening in Arabic, and love anything to do with the Middle East or North Africa.) That will do me, I think.

And I'm on my way up to the staff room, flipping through the magazine, when it opens to an ad for water. Glaceau Water. 'Smart' Glaceau Water. 'Smart' Glaceau water, a bottle of which is held by a naked Jennifer someone (can't remember her last name - she was in Friends...).

And the tagline?

'The water with all the answers.'

I laugh so hard I just about fall down the stairs - all twenty of them. What the hell does that mean? Is it meant to mean anything?

Who are these people that come up with these ridiculous taglines that may sound good, but mean nothing.

'The water with all the answers', indeed!

Can you top that? Send me meaningless taglines that you run across in ads, on singage and bulletin boards. I'm going to start a collection. I'll add them to the list I started years ago when my father and I walked near a new housing development, which billed itself as 'Built for life - Designed for living' .

'The water with all the answers'! What I want to know is - what are the questions?


sfgirl said...

Heck, I don't know about "smart water" (maybe it makes you smart by drinking it, because if you don't you're dead)... but in my latest book, "Darwin's Paradox" I talk about smart nature... :) Does that count? Hey, Lois! Come visit me at my blog, The Alien Next Door!( I'd love to see ya!
Cheers! Nina

Anita Daher said...

Hi Lois! I'm not certain it's meaningless...actually it is quite meaningful. It does make me smile. There is a restaurant in Sault Ste. Marie, ON that has been around forever. On the outside of the building there is painted, "Broasted Chicken. With the flavour in it!"