Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Multitasking was meant for me

Not many writers I know are single-project types. Surrey International Writer's Conference coordinator KC Dyer is up to her neck in the huge job of planning this year's conference while tootling off to a book fair in Toronto and reworking one book while she waits for another to come out.

Julie Ferguson must be working on something new, while she continues to train teachers how to eliicit great writing from their students, and teeach adult courses of her own.

Kate Austin published - or had accepted - ten books in the last two years, and I bet she didn't set aside each new idea until the last one was off the press, or at least in her editor's hands.

Me? I spent much of the Easter weekend working with instructors to put together the fall schedule of courses and workshops in the Surrey Creative Writing Diploma Program, signed off on another big writing and editing project for the Public Library Services Branch, talked myself into giving a fundraising workshop for the local Arts Council, and wrote another account of my long distance hiking trip along the South Downs Way - and sent it out to the Globe and Mail's travel section.

And how's the work on Who Do You Wish Was With Us going? you might ask. Or not.

Slowly, Painfully. Reluctantly. I still believe that if I keep writing a small spark will finally - soon? - start to generate a little heat. I know it won't if I don't. But the past few days I've avoided the damn thing like the plague and am drivelling on here in an effort to distract myself even further.

But - aha! I have one more assignment to put to bed before I can get back to the novel tonight. The deadline for the May issue of the Arts Council of Surrey's Spotlight is fast approaching. This issue will include a lovely Mother's Day poem by a local writer Cristy Watson - and now I have to write up a brief author's bio to go with the piece.

Whew. Caro and Fan and Adam and Adele and Joss will have to wait. Maybe tomorrow night they will finally take a step in the right direction, and start to rise up off the page right in front of me.

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