Saturday, September 30, 2006

Searching for the perfect notebook or daybook/journal

Ever watch shoppers scrutizing every notebook on the stationary store shelves? Chances are they're writers.

Everyone has their favourite type of notebook. Mine's a coil-bound one with squares rather than lines so I can use it either horizontally or vertically and still stay more or less on the level. (A Mead Five Star two-subject notebook, with those little pockets inside for keeping notes and receipts safe).

My annual search for a good daybook has led me in several directions. For years I used Polestar's Business Calendar (again, I loved those pockets!) Then one year when I couldn't find one, I discovered the Brownline weekly version with a full week's calendar on one page for appointments, etc. and an adjacent page for additional notes. The trouble was that when the pages were folded back, as intended, I lost sight of the notes which I needed to help me get through the day.

Then in my search for a 2007 calendar I discovered a Moleskin one designed in a similar way, but with this one you can see both pages at once. And the paper is lovely. And the cover feels almost like soft kid leather. And it comes in two sizes. And the overall look is so classy. And it weighs next to nothing. And comes in two sizes. And the word is that Vincent van Gogh and Bruce Chatwin both used the original Moleskin notebooks produced by a French company.

A great source of them is the little Japanese giftstore in Steveston. They have small, medium, and large notebooks with line and squares or blank pages, with handy pockets and an elastic closure.

They're all lovely to look at and to use.


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